The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa Worship Centre (AFM) in Polokwane was established in 2005 and has been registered as an assembly after fulfilling the conditions of establishing assemblies as per the constitution of the AFM of South Africa.

The church started in November 2005 and by now it has grown immensely in its size in terms of full membership. AFM Worship Centre Polokwane is a legal persona and has a Governing Body which is its Agent. It also has Sisters, Youth and Sunday school departments.

AFM Worship Centre members are citizens of God’s kingdom and members of His household. The bible in Luke 4 records that Jesus Christ was attending services every week in the synagogue. The current members of AFM Worship Centre have made regular worship a part of their lives

                          Messages directed to AFM Worship Centre by different servants of the Lord

Pastor Joyce Hlabathi

“AFM Worship Centre church is a family of God on earth that is unique, that must seek God’s grace and must be led by the Holy Spirit. We understood that God allows AFM Worship Centre to be a church in Africa, South Africa, Limpopo, and in Polokwane City”.

Pastor Paulo Carvalho

"The Lord will plant His people in this church with His own hands in order to
bring glory to Himself. He went on to say that we should have a Vision, Mission and a Purpose."

Pastor John Allen

"A challenge is to stay TRUE on the vision that God has given to us. He went on to say that AFM Worship Centre should remain passionate about it’s vision. We understood that we need to remind each other in case we see ourselves going out of the vision. "

                          All the messages that the Lord spoke through these pastors have made AFM Worship Centre to grow and move from one glory to another, Amen.

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